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This toothbrush has a colorful design to lift your mood just by using it. It is made with PBP resin, which hardly absorb water, and offers excellent durability and dries quickly.
Its compact head reaches the back of mouth for thorough cleaning.

歯ブラシ セミサークル -Tooth Brush Semi-Circle-

    • 原産国:Made in Ishikawa Japan
    • サイズ:長さ168mm(ブラシヘッド幅8.6mm×長さ21mm)
    • 重量:12g
    • 素材:柄/ポリスチレン、毛/PBT 飽和ポリエステル樹脂
    • 毛の硬さ:ふつう
    • 毛先の太さ:0.19~0.20mm