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This umbrella is made in Japan (Tokyo) and features eight ribs to ensure excellent durability. The fabric, which is similar to silk, is a water repellent material and blocks UV rays. It can be used both in fine and rainy weather and blocks sunlight.
Long: The handle is made long and lightweight to reduce arm stress.
Short: lightweight design is convenient to carry around.

傘 -Umbrella-


    • 原産国:Made in Tokyo Japan
    • ロングサイズ:親骨の長さ/約60cm、全体の長さ/約90cm、開いた時の直径/約102cm
    • ショートサイズ:親骨の長さ/約50cm、全体の長さ/約66cm、開いた時の直径/85.5cm
    • 素材:生地/ポリエステル100%(防水加工)、手元/フェイクレザー、中棒/アルミ、親骨/鉄