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C O N C E P T 

​What's CORAZYs?

-   カラジーは、色から始まる世界  -
CORAZYs is the world that begins from colors.
The concept of products is changing. Until now, high functionality, high quality, ease of use and safety were considered as top priority when developing and producing products, and popularization and communalization by mass production were the prime concern. On the contrary, we, at CORAZYs, have placed top priority on colors, which are the universal concept across borders, and aim to express the world starting from colors, which is exactly the opposite of conventional manufacturing. 
-   カラジーは、全て"H O N M O N O"  -
"カラー"のコラボ。そのカラーを最優先にするために、世界に通用する本物の商品にこだわりたい。よって、全てMADE IN JAPAN(日本製)の商品で揃え、日本古来の匠の技、工夫、おもてなしの心を兼ね備えた商品を、あえてカラジーの色でColorfulに展開します。
CORAZYs makes pursuit of Honmono, authenticity, for everything.
By collaborating in colors, in order to consider colors as the top priority, we want to be particular about the authenticity of products that can compete in the world. We only collect made-in-Japan products and offer products that combine traditional Japanese craftsmanship, creativity, and the heart of hospitality using CORAZYs’ colorful color lineups.
-   全ての商品がカラジーカラーの4色で販売  -
全ての商品がカラジーの4色、Blue, Pink, Green, Orangeの中からお選びいただきます。
CORAZYs offers all products in four CORAZYs colors.
All of CORAZYs’ products are offered in four CORAZYs colors; blue, pink, green, and orange. We look to offer all products of wide ranging categories using CORAZYs’ color lineups as much as possible in the future.
-   カラジーは、色という概念を探究します  -
CORAZYs follows after the concept of colors.
By determining color shades, combination, and harmony from various angles, we further follow after relationships between the color and product, color and people, color and sensitivity, color and space, and the color and various products/matters. In addition, our goal is to enrich the interaction and mutual relationship between color and family, color and peers, color and friends, and color and loved ones through CORAZYs’ products to increase their sensitivity. Our greatest desire is to fill daily life with excitement, fulfillment, a sense of security and happiness.